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Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) European Policy Seminar: Internationalisation Revisited

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December 2, 2011
Club de la Fondation Universitaire
Brussels, Belgium

The international mobility of students has always been at the heart of internationalization efforts in higher education, not only in Europe but worldwide. Given the perceived importance of this phenomenon, student mobility has become in many regions of the globe not only an essential instrument for internationalization, but a policy objective in its own right. In the European context, the expectation that the ambitious mobility initiatives launched under the Bologna Process and the EU flags will be mirrored by similar developments at the national and institutional level has been particularly notable. But, are national-level mobility policies in Europe actually in tune with higher-rank policies and initiatives at the supranational level? Are national mobility approaches converging in a certain direction? Do they promote the same types of mobility? Do they target the same regions of the world? Do they use similar instruments and employ comparable resources? And ultimately, are mobility policies necessary to achieve growth in international student flows at all? Results from a soon to be completed ACA study on national mobility policies (under the acronym of ENPMOB) will shed some light on many of these crucial questions.

Learn more about these developments in Brussels on December 2nd, at the one-day ACA seminar, Internationalisation Revisited. The seminar will address the ways in which internationalization is understood and done today, in tandem with thorough reflections on a possible need to rethink this concept. For the agenda and registration information, please visit: www.aca-secretariat.be/index.php?id=539


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