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The Next Big Thing in International Education: Fall 2013 Issue of IIENetworker

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The fall 2013 IIENetworker magazine, titled "The Next Big Thing in International Education" is now available as a free interactive flipbook.

The field of international education is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth. The global education market is reportedly worth $4.4 trillion and growing, according to the London-based investment bank IBIS Capital. The number of globally mobile students has surpassed 4 million. The academic community, governments and the private sector are constantly changing and adapting – to keep their institutions relevant and competitive, to meet the demands of the workforce or global development challenges, or simply to better prepare their students for a global future.

The authors in this issue of IIENetworker provide many thought-provoking perspectives on the future of international education. The British Council’s Elizabeth Shepherd describes various "megatrends" that will impact and shape international education, such as demographic shifts, changes in political conditions, digital technology, and global workforce demands. Susan Buck Sutton from Bryn Mawr College suggests we add 'collaborative internationalization' to our "arsenal of significant terms," and New York University’s John Sexton makes the case that the 'global network university' model can address two major globalization trends: the miniaturization of the world and the emergence of 'idea capitals.' Others predict that the next big things will include the commercialization of global research, innovation clusters or even ‘Edu-glomerates.’

IIENetwork member
designees will receive a print copy in the mail. Print copies are also available for purchase at www.iiebooks.org/iienmag.html. Past issues of IIENetworker are available in our digital edition archives: www.naylornetwork.com/iie-nxt/index.asp.

The Next Big Thing in International Education


Megatrends: Predicting the Future of International Education
By Elizabeth Shepherd, British Council

The Promise of International Education: Building a More Just and Elevated Civil Society
By John Sexton, New York University

The Growing World of Collaborative Internationalization: Taking Partnerships to the Next Level
By Susan Buck Sutton, Bryn Mawr College

From Multi-national Universities to Education Hubs to Edu-glomerates? 
By Jane Knight, University of Toronto

Global Research and Commercialization: An Under-the-Radar Next Big Thing 
By Downing A. Thomas, University of Iowa

Clustering Innovation and Industry: New Opportunities for Europe 
By Endika Bengoetxea, European Institute of Innovation and Technology

Connecting the Dots: Integrating Engagement with International Stakeholders 
By Douglas Proctor, University of Melbourne

Hold on to Your Hats, MOOCs... Here Come the TOQUES! 
By Leeanne Dunsmore and Matthew Meekins, American University

Growing Globally Competent Students to Achieve True Internationalization 
By William I. Brustein, The Ohio State University

The Rise of Real-time, Online International Recruitment 
By Laura Montgomery, The Brenn-White Group

India: Expansion, Equity, Excellence 
By P.J. Lavakare, Mody Institute of Technology & Science (MITS) University

Beyond Ourselves: Embracing Our Global Responsibilities 
By Darla K. Deardorff, Association of International Education Administrators

Beyond the Numbers: The Who, How and What of Global Student Mobility 
By Rajika Bhandari and Raisa Belyavina, IIE

Considering Study Abroad’s Past to Prepare for its Future 
By Eduardo Contreras, Harvard University


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