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RDM Industrial Electronics
September 5, 2012

ICA News
Come hear valuable consumer insights from Bob Klein at Blue Chip Marketing as he dives in to answer questions like: What motivates customers to wash more often? Who is most likely to get a professional car wash on a frequent basis? And more.

Plus, get economic analysis from Dr. Jeff Dietrich as he shares up-to-date information on where the economy is headed and what that means for your business.

This event is intended for ICA members. Learn More...
Ecolab Vehicle Care
Industry News
Fast Company
Anjan Malik, co-founder and director of eClerx Services Limited, explains the basics of customer relationship building. Learn More...
OPEN Forum
More than any other department in a business, customer service is subject to a slew of competing priorities and pressures. Here are a few of the most common examples of where things can go horribly wrong. Learn More...
The Wall Street Journal
Right now, somewhere in your company, one of your employees is rolling his eyes. Make no mistake, it's because of a policy or rule that leadership created. Learn More...
Edmonton Journal
Sylvain Blouin loves the 1950s and 1960s so much he’s investing $6.7 million to build a car wash that will feature the likes of Elvis and The Beatles. Learn More...
The Evening Sun
Hanover area's newest car wash is one of the first in the entire country to use state of the art technology to measure temperature and weather conditions - and then use that data to automatically adjust the amount and type of soap needed, says owner Richard Krill III. Learn More...
JBS Industries
Western Carwash Association

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