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Aerodry Systems
October 8, 2014

Lustra/Cleaning Systems, Inc
ICA News
Complete the sentence, and your search for a car wash equipment or business service supplier, with ICA's Supplier Guide.

We're providing a resource to help connect the owner/operator and supplier community in commerce.

The guide features listings for car wash industry suppliers in 13 different major categories. It's perfect for use on your mobile device, and is translated in six languages.
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Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.
Fast Company
You have the same 1,440 minutes every day as the busiest people in the world. So, what do they do differently than you, what can you learn from them, and how can you improve your time management?
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The Huffington Post
Many small business owners report being too busy with operational concerns to effectively plan for their company’s future. According to a survey of nearly 1,300 participants in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, small business owners spend an average of 43% of their time on day-to-day tasks, but wish they could cut that in half to focus more on big-picture planning.
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A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc.
The Guardian
With more people than ever using their mobile phones to access the web, are Facebook and Twitter more important to businesses than websites?
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To stay competitive, small businesses need to instantly update their websites, blog regularly and market consistently through email. You're lost before you've begun if you are wasting time or money on a plain-vanilla website. That's why adoption of both open source and commercial content management systems by small business website operators has increased significantly in recent years.
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Clean World Distribution
Industry News
PE Hub
Penfund, an independent provider of junior capital to middle market companies located in the United States and Canada, announced the completion of a $15.1 million debt and equity investment in Mister Car Wash on August 21, 2014. MCW is a recently-acquired portfolio company of Leonard Green & Partners.
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Oak Cliff is the next target for the growing Tommy Terrific’s Carwash brand, opening its third Dallas location for the express exterior car wash brand.
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Newbury Today
TESCO Extra in Newbury is set to get a new nine bay hand car wash and valeting area. The proposals have been put in by Waves Cosultancy, a privately owned company supplies hand car wash and valeting services to supermarkets, property owners, retailers and car park operators across the UK.
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Media Bistro
Droga5 has a new ad for Diet Coke taking the beverage to a somewhat unusual setting: the car wash. A girl pops open a bottle of Diet Coke while going through a car wash. Instantly, the car wash is transformed, as a choreographed scene unfolds in front of her eyes. 
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JBS Industries
Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc.
Cork Industries, Inc.
Western Carwash Association

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