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Aerodry Systems
October 1, 2014

Lustra/Cleaning Systems, Inc
ICA News
Complete the sentence, and your search for a car wash equipment or business service supplier, with ICA's Supplier Guide.

We're providing a resource to help connect the owner/operator and supplier community in commerce.

The guide features listings for car wash industry suppliers in 13 different major categories. It's perfect for use on your mobile device, and is translated in six languages.
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Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.
Leaders claim they want their workers to be ethical, but if they really mean it they'll give them more breaks. The connection between lack of sleep and poor ethics has been known for a while, but fatigue can take its toll on a worker in mere hours as well. If you want a more ethical team, address both long-term sleep and day-to-day work habits.
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Today, as a business owner of a productivity training firm for over 20 years, our staff also follows a code of ethics, which are seven protocols that govern the way we treat our customers.  This code is an integral part of our company values, so it helps us to be consistent in how we respond to customer service situations.
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A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc.
The Guardian
Word of mouth wins customers. But before pursuing a friend’s recommendation, a quick Google of the brand tends to be the next step. What appears next can make or break a business. Research commissioned by reputation management agency Igniyte found over 52% of business owners thought their firm had suffered as a result of negative posts online.
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Business 2 Community
Saying "Hello" to your consumers is the best way to start a relationship with them. There are too many companies barking at their audiences that they’ve forgotten how to relate on a personal level. But people are people, and they’re more drawn to real connections with brands than they are to overt sales tactics.
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Clean World Distribution
Industry News
From its inception, Prime Shine Car Wash has been leader within its industry in conserving and recycling water. The company’s 15th location adds solar power to that equation, underscoring its commitment to eco-friendly business practices.
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Save $1 off the premium wash at Rain Tunnel Express for each pair of shoes you donate. Proceeds help provide clean water in under developed countries.
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Gloucester Citizen
Finding a job can be a difficult task but a group of people who suffer from learning difficulties have found employment at a new car wash service in the city. Future Clean, a franchise purchased by learning disabilities charity Hft, provides full time, paid work for five people with learning and physical difficulties in Gloucester.
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Wichita Business Journal
Car washes are in high demand for the Wichita Luxury Collection group of car dealerships in northeast Wichita. The business recently decided to move ahead with plans to add a second and third car wash on site.
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Montgomery Advertiser
A $2.5 million, ultra-modern car wash is under construction along East Boulevard, the first of several new projects at an expanding shopping center complex. The 4,000-square-foot facility will feature newly released tunnel wash products and technology, and will be one of the first in the area to use 100 percent recycled water.
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Supplier News is a new business-locator, designed with the pet owner in mind. Use to search for and locate nearby pet washes and other pet-friendly businesses in your area.
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Doug Deal, owner of Huron Valley Sales (HVS), has initiated a sale of the day-to-day business operations of HVS to Jeff Deal, his brother and former Huron Valley Sales employee in the late 1970s. Jeff has owned and operated Hamilton Engineering since 1981.
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JBS Industries
Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc.
Cork Industries, Inc.

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