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Aerodry Systems
August 13, 2014

Lustra/Cleaning Systems, Inc
ICA News
Vendor members of International Carwash Association can now register for this year's Supplier CEO Summit where they'll have a chance to connect with peers and tour the new Music City Center in Nashville, the site of The Car Wash Show 2016. 

All ICA vendor members are encouraged to attend.

This year's education program features Brian Beaulieu of ITR Economics along with information from ICA's latest Consumer Study (released every three years).

Program registrants will take a tour of the new Music City Center in downtown Nashville (location of The Car Wash Show 2016), hear about Car Wash Show Europe and other ICA programs and events, and have a chance to take part in a discussion forum.
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Every three years the ICA releases an expansive study on consumer behaviors, including percentages of consumers using professional car washes, as well as demographic information of those individuals most likely to use a professional wash.

This year's Wash Different Workshop Sept. 22-23 features an in-depth look at the ICA's latest Consumer Study along with a deep dive into how to use that information to market to consumers. Plus, this year we've added Car Wash Tours to the program!
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Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.
Financial Post
In a recent study, Leadership IQ surveyed over 30,000 Canadian and American workers to determine the ideal amount of time for an employee to engage with their leader. They measured how often employees typically spent with their managers each week, and then linked these numbers to various valuable performance metrics such as engagement, innovation, and inspiration.
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The Fast Track
When you’re managing a busy team, you’re probably doing a lot of delegating – of big projects as well as small details. In an ideal world, you’d be able to rely on your team members to circle back to you on everything you delegate to them – but in reality, you need to have a system for tracking what you've delegated so that you can make sure work isn't falling through the cracks.
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A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc.
How are today's consumer finance trends influencing the consumer market? Consumer spending is a critical factor of overall economic health, driving 70 percent of all economic activity in the U.S. By taking a look at these major economic indicators, entrepreneurs can operate under a better understanding of how their markets (and their businesses) may move--and more importantly, grow--into the future.
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As an independent business owner, it’s up to you to generate results for your business, including visibility. The question will continuously remain, however, as to what avenues make the most sense for you to do this since as your business evolves, opportunities for visibility will change, as well. To help kick-start your internal plans for gaining more attention for your small business, consider the ideas below.
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Clean World Distribution
Industry News
Indiana NewsCenter
The brothers in charge of the popular Indiana "Mike's Car Wash" chain plan to reorganize the company. Later this year, Bill and Mike Dahm will split "Mike's" into two companies. 
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Expresso car wash was just one of the many businesses that had to shut down during the water crisis. The owner says business has been steady since the mayor lifted the ban. Yesterday city leaders asked businesses and residents to cut back on using the water.
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The Mercury
Sunflowers are blooming at a car wash in Elverson. "We’ve planted an acre of sunflowers for the last six years," said Rick Frey, owner of Please Wash Me car wash, 1 Yingst Drive. "The response was tremendous," said Frey. "Now we just do it for the people."
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The Times
Looking for a bargain? A car wash deemed surplus in on the auction block at Barksdale Air Force Base. The touchless automated car wash system, manufactured by Oasis Car Wash Systems, will be sold through an online auction.
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JBS Industries
Western Carwash Association
Cork Industries, Inc.
Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc.

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