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Aerodry Systems
July 16, 2014

Lustra/Cleaning Systems, Inc
ICA News
Vendor members of International Carwash Association can now register for this year's Supplier CEO Summit. All ICA vendor members are encouraged to attend.

Part of the E3 Series designed to enhance, educate and engage, this year's program will feature Brian Beaulieu of ITR Economics. In addition you will tour the new Music City Center in downtown Nashville (location of The Car Wash Show 2016), receive an overview of ICA's soon-to-be published Consumer Study, and hear about Car Wash Show Europe and other ICA programs and events.
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Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.
Gallup Business Journal
Smart leaders know that finding and retaining customers is the key to real sustainable growth. Without customers, there would be no jobs, no companies, no stock market, no GDP. But gaining and keeping customers has proven much more difficult since the financial collapse of 2008 and the ensuing recession. Customers have changed. They are more cautious about spending their money and more demanding about what they expect in return. The companies that serve them must change too if they want to survive.
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FOX Business
Especially when starting out, word-of-mouth referrals are the most effective way to grow your business. A great product or service is clearly the number one thing you can have to spur word-of-mouth growth. Number two (and possibly just as important as the first) is incredible customer service. But beyond the obvious, what can you do? Here are a couple strategies to try out.
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Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc.
Forget about David vs. Goliath. Marketing mavens say small companies can and do learn valuable lessons from their muscular, deep-pocketed rivals. In conversations with Mashable, several executives pointed to experiential marketing, real-time marketing, brand building, storytelling and social sharing as tactics that startups are cribbing successfully from the big guys. Those that aren’t yet mimicking the A-list marketers like Apple, Nike, Starbucks and Mercedes might want to take note of some best, most adaptable practices.
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The Huffington Post
Your brand is who your customers think you are, and you basically have no control over this. You can try to manage your brand image, you can try to manage what people think about you, but essentially it's up to them. How can small businesses and start-ups cut through the clutter and position themselves to have persons perceive them as a formidable brand? 
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Industry News
The Rotary Community Corps (RCC) of Parker was able to raise $548 at their car wash fundraiser held at Kwik Car Wash.
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Arkansas Matters
Dozens of drivers were treated to a free car wash Saturday in exchange for a donation to charity. The new Boomerang Car Wash was giving away the car washes in order to raise contributions for Arkansas Children's Hospital. 
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Flagstop Car Wash’s Chester location is now offering one of the first pet washes in the region, along with newly remodeled self-serve bays!
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The Leaf Chronicle
A new Screaming Eagle Express Car Wash location has opened at 2159 Fort Campbell Blvd. in Clarksville, Tennessee. This is the third location for owner Jeff Burkhart, who has been in the car wash business for 15 years and sees the three-minute tunnels and express washes as the latest trend in car washing.
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WCA is in a battle to amend AB 1387 that increased surety bonds by 1,000% (by $135,000). The association is working to help reduce costs to car washes in the state of California – a lobby firm has been hired and WCA has met with labor groups, introducing new legislation. 

Unfortunately, there is no free lunch – this process is costly. Support is needed – financially and personally in order to win the battle.

You can support WCA's efforts through the link below.
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The Western Carwash Association (WCA) will host a two-day Roadshow & Car Wash Tour August 6 & 7 in the Portland, Oregon, area.
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Bradenton Herald
After Scott Pinkus sold his Sarasota, Florida, sweepstakes casino in 2012, the businessman decided to return to what he knew best: How to run a quality car wash. The River Club Car Wash is set to be a state-of-the-art car wash system that relies on a conveyor belt instead of a track to propel cars through the wash cycle. Simply park your car on the conveyor belt and take a ride through the 110-foot wash.
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The drought and the city water restrictions can have many different impacts, and sometimes they can even cause contradictions and create some "catch 22" situations. Such as for taxi companies, which are required by city ordinance to keep their cabs clean, but soon may have even more difficulty finding car washes to clean them.
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A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc.
Supplier News
Carl Godfryt recently joined the Washworld team as an industrial engineer.
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JBS Industries
Western Carwash Association
Windjammer Supplies
Clean World Distribution

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