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May 28, 2014

Lustra/Cleaning Systems, Inc
ICA News
International Carwash Association's The Car Wash Show has been named one of the Top 25 fastest growing shows by Trade Show News Network. TSNN is the world's leading news and online resource for the trade show, exhibition and event industry and owns and operates the most widely consulted event database on the Internet, containing data about more than 25,000 trade shows, exhibitions, public events and conferences.
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Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.
Managers and employees alike often dread annual performance reviews, but when they are done well those reviews can help your business. Check out these seven tips to develop a performance review that improves employee outcomes.
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While a passionate, reliable and knowledgeable CEO or founder is necessary, some businesses overlook the importance of nurturing mid-level leadership. Whether this means investing in management training for mid-level employees or assigning a group leader for an internship program, fostering a culture of leadership throughout all levels of an organization can be the key to creating happy employees and a stable company.
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Goff Enterprises
Small businesses have typically had little to do with big data. That’s primarily because most owners have thought coping with it was too difficult, too expensive and just plain intimidating—notions that have generally sidelined the use of such information for anyone outside of the large corporations’ ballpark. Without it, smaller players have historically relied more heavily on something their larger counterparts could only dream of—a personal relationship with their customers. Today, however, big data isn’t just for the big guys.
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The Huffington Post
Since 2008, the small business industry has been brimming with uncertainty. Although the economy shows some sparks and sputters of a return to "normal," one thing every small business can agree on -- there's a "new normal" in town. Learning how to acclimate to the "new norm" is paramount to the future success and survival of your small business.
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A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc.
Industry News
For years, car washes have been a fundraising staple for high school sports teams, marching bands and youth groups. But in Arlington, Va., charity car washes and car wash fundraisers are now banned there, after the city's Department of Environmental Services issued new rules for stormwater and water runoff.
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Central Kentucky News
After recently getting a new car and noticing how dirty it gets during my long commutes to work — and getting a car wash and seeing how nice my car looked after — I began thinking about washing cars and the associated environmental impacts. This time around, I decided to look online and see what kind of car-friendly and environmentally friendly soap I should use. But what I found really surprised me. In order to limit how much water you use and other environmental impacts from washing your car, the best option isn't to wash it at home, it’s to take it to a commercial car wash.
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Daily Press
Cool Wave Car Wash opened its fourth location in Poquoson. The new car wash features foaming tire brushes, 180 mph speed air dryers, a free vacuum center and a new soft-touch tunnel. Cool Wave’s Poquoson location is offering an Unlimited Wash Program.
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Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc.
JBS Industries
Windjammer Supplies

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