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Clean World Distribution
May 14, 2014

Lustra/Cleaning Systems, Inc
ICA News
Did you know that the ICA provides safety resources for car wash operators? This includes information on OSHA inspections and frequently cited issues as well as best practice documents for Sudden Unintended Acceleration.
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Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.
Although in theory diverse teams benefit from differences in perspectives and approaches, in practice having a group of people who are different from each other can create conflict. To smooth out the working relationships, people in these teams may become more alike, at least in attitude and behavior. Simply working together in proximity is known to make people converge in how they do their work. Their differences become less pronounced.
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In a global marketplace where problems are increasingly complex, no one person will ever have all the answers. That’s why Google’s SVP of People Operations, Lazlo Bock, says humility is one of the traits he’s looking for in new hires. A recent Catalyst study backs this up, showing that humility is one of four critical leadership factors for creating an environment where employees from different demographic backgrounds feel included.
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Goff Enterprises
Business 2 Community
Social media engagement is a core part of any social media strategy, but so many of us skimp out on this major business opportunity. To really succeed at social media engagement, you need to take your strategy a step further by being proactive, listening, and engaging.
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The Wall Street Journal
Social networks offer a window into how people live their lives. But should employers be looking into that window? It's becoming an increasingly important question. The number of people fired over social-media posts is rising, and many employers look closely at a job candidate's online presence before making a decision.
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A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc.
Industry News
Completion of the immense renovation is now in sight for Belmont Car Wash & Detailing – one of Belmont’s longest running family owned businesses. June marks the 50th anniversary for the company.
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The growing car wash chain celebrates its eighth Sacramento-area location with 10 days of free car washes May 20-29.
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Derby Telegraph
A car wash firm wants to open a new site at Asda Sinfin, creating more jobs. Car Park Valeting wants to take over part of the supermarket's car park. It already runs more than 70 sites across the UK, including several where the landlord is also Asda.
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GSA Business
Looking for a business opportunity after having moved away from Chicago and a career in manufacturing, Bob Soltys purchased a 1.13-acre site on Cedar Lane Road to build a green car wash in an area he sees as having growth potential. Soltys says the car wash business is in his blood.
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The Morehead News
Quarter Time Car Wash, originally built in 2006, has expanded its business to include two new services, including a dog wash. Owner Bernal Atkins has been in the car washing business for 34 years in Kentucky.
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Andy Balash, of Vaughan Industries, passed away last weekend. Funeral services will be held this week. Share memories and condolences with the family using the learn more link below.
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The car wash industry lost a leader when Dr. Joseph Enning, founder of German car wash chain Mr. Car Wash, passed away after a battle with prostate cancer.
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Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc.
JBS Industries

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