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January 29, 2014

ICA News
When The Car Wash Show™ arrives in Chicago, vendors and exhibitors won’t be the only ones providing attendees with valuable insight. The Car Wash Show will offer more than 20 hours of education designed specifically for car wash owners, operators and managers. Learn More...
Aerodry Systems
The New York Times
Most business owners think they should do performance reviews. Often, though, they fail to find the time and they question the value of the reviews. Employees rarely like the process, which typically feels more like an evaluation than a constructive conversation.
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Small business owners are divided on the issue of minimum wage, according to an exclusive CNNMoney-Manta survey. About 49% of the 1,278 respondents said they do not support a proposal to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10. About 44% said they support the proposal. The remaining 7% were unsure.
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Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.
The most consistent mistake companies make in sales and marketing is to position their company or product as the hero of the story. If you want customers to buy, you must tell a story where the customer is the hero--not you.
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Markets were born when humans chose to acquire what they needed by trading with each other rather than producing it themselves or taking from someone else by force. The moment of proto-market conception was when the first seller offered to trade with the first customer, and that offer was accepted. Your small business is now operating in an age where customers rule. 
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A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc.
Industry News
The Sacramento Bee
The owner of Harv’s Car Wash, Aaron Zeff, rolled out a lavender piano last weekend in an effort to bring some artistic spontaneity to his little corner of Sacramento’s Lavender Heights. If it helps sales as well, Zeff won’t complain, the economic downturn has been tough on many carwash operators as customers cut back on discretionary spending. Zeff’s chief aim, however, was adding a little more spice to midtown.
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Du Quoin Evening Call
The Super Wash story is truly the "Cinderella story" of a determined young couple from Morrison, Ill., $17.42 and a dream that wouldn't die.It was the mid-70s and Bob Black, a teacher, and his wife Mary, a radiology secretary, were looking for a way to supplement their income during Bob's summer breaks. Mary had become interested in the self-serve car wash business, and mentioned it as an option for their new business venture.
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The car wash is not the first place you would think of when someone says the words "water efficient." But, most newer car washes are often efficient with how they use their water. "We have a reclaimed system here at the wash, and we're in the 85 to 90-percent level as far as the water we can reuse," Lane Leach, owner of Orbit Wash on 9th and T Streets, said.
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JBS Industries
Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc.

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