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Clean World Distribution
October 16, 2013

Lustra/Cleaning Systems, Inc
ICA News
Former ICA President Guy Goddard died Oct. 6, 2013. Goddard is remembered for his many "Guyisms" and his unwavering dedication to the car wash industry. Learn More...
A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc.
The longer you're in the workforce, the more you realize the importance of skills and abilities that you simply can't learn in school.
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The S Corp as a business tax election is far from dead, however it is being threatened. The threats come from three sources: the government, creditors and benefit designers.
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Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.
The New York Times
Google recently switched to something known as secure search, limiting the data that can be seen using its analytics. This means Web site owners can no longer see the string of words used by an individual to find their site in a search, which could have a profound effect on marketing efforts. Knowing how customers found them helps business owners optimize their sites so that they rank higher in search results.
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Small Business Trends
Foursquare announced that its paid ads program now is open to all small businesses. The company says it has 1.5 million claimed-business users. The expanded ad program would give business access to consumers in the pool of 40 million consumers that use Foursquare.
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Industry News
Press of Atlantic City
Pragnesh Patel studied chemistry at Gujurat University in India before becoming an entrepreneur in the United States. Patel owns Billy Bob's Car Wash on in Middle Township, NJ. The custom-built car wash has 13 employees, but much of the washing is automated by computers that take up an entire closet of circuit boards.
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Community Impact Newspaper 
David Swenson, Arbor Car Wash & Lube Center owner, likes a win-win situation. By using solar panels and recycled wash water at his five locations, he’s not only making smart financial decisions, but he is also operating an environmentally responsible business.
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JBS Industries

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