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June 12, 2013

Lustra/Cleaning Systems, Inc
ICA News
Work has just wrapped on the latest issue of CAR WASH Magazine and will be mailing to members of the International Carwash Association soon.
In the meantime, check out past digital versions
Learn More...
A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc.
Extreme Leadership Incorporated
Teams thrive on collaboration made up of meaningful connection with one another, and individual team members will perform better when they feel like they’re all in it together. Learn More...
Harold MacDowell, CEO of TDIndustries, sets a standard for company culture that you should imitate. Here's how. Learn More...
Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.
Bloomberg Businessweek
Any brand with an understanding of its audience and a little imagination can use humor effectively, in any form of media. Few do—more should. Learn More...
It can be easy to become "friends" or "connected" with someone in a digital world, but it requires thought and strategy to convert social media connections into rewarding business relationships. Learn More...
Goff Enterprises
Industry News
Everything Lubbock
Covenant Children's Hospital is building a fun new waiting space for the children and families that visit their hospital. Construction is costs are high but Racer Classic Car Wash General Manager Andrew Zamora says they are happy to help them out. "Every first and third Tuesday for every car we wash at every location we donate 1 dollar to the children's public foundation." Learn More...
Westfield Patch
A sore back, ripped-down shower curtains, a water-soaked bathroom and clogged drains were just some of the pains endured by In-N-Out owner Mike Kelly when he'd attempt to wash his 160-pound Newfoundland, Gordo, in his tub at home. Learn More...
Supplier News
Rain-X®, an automotive aftermarket leader in water repellency and wiper blades, will serve as the primary sponsor for Brian Scott and Richard Childress Racing’s No. 2 Chevrolet team in the NASCAR Nationwide Series event under the lights at Daytona International Speedway, on July 5. Learn More...
Erie Brush shares its take on hog's hair brushes and how they can make a big difference for any car wash. According to the company and some of its customers, hog's hair brushes pay off in the long run. Learn More...
JBS Industries
Western Carwash Association

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