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May 1, 2013

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Goff Enterprises
Industry News
Business Insider
Many people think that in the end, motivation is all about money, for all that people pretend otherwise. If you change the reward, you can change people's behavior. Others argue that it's all about finding happiness. Duke psychology professor Dan Ariely argues that both play a part, but that those explanations wildly oversimplify things, and miss out on what truly motivates people. Learn More...
If you’ve ever been led by a Mushroom (everyone’s in the dark), a Seagull (swoops in, squawks and dumps), or a Kipper (two-faced and gutless), you’ll be all too aware of the leadership style you don’t want to be known for.
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Finding the right hire that both fits your company's culture and can refresh your business with new ideas can be a challenge. Here, we've gathered techniques from a few bold companies who are using unique hiring techniques to attract top talent.
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Belmont Patch
The Belmontian Community Service Club partnered with Belmont Car Wash to raise money for Cradles to Crayons, which provides clothing and gear to poor and homeless children in Massachusetts.
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The Daily Progress
In the early 1980s, when Henry Weinschenk opened Express Car Wash, it was the latest twist in a career that included lots of "different things at different times." After a successful run at UPS — the shipping giant — that spanned nearly a decade, Weinschenk said starting the small business seemed like the right move.
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The Beach Reporter
A car wash proposed in Redondo Beach, CA, cleared the city's Planning Commission on April 19 after the applicant revised his business plan. However, the location has been limited to washing just 200 cars a day ...
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JBS Industries

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