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March 27, 2013

Lustra/Cleaning Systems, Inc
ICA News
Many businesses will soon be impacted by the Affordable Health Care Act / Obamacare. The ICA has dedicated as our home for resources related to this important issue Learn More...
Check out our exciting lineup of Operations-focused offerings for the Operations education track at The Car Wash Show™ 2013. These sessions focus on the future, your customers and building your business. Learn More...
A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc.
Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.
Naylor, LLC
Industry News
Small Business Trends
One key to beating the competition is to adopt a strategy that sets your business apart. These are books that while they may not have strategy in their titles, are what businesses need in the 21st century to round out all aspects of growing a business. Learn More...
By using permanent part-timers, you can get more commitment than you'd get from a temp but more flexibility than you can expect from a nine-to-fiver. Learn More...
Want to be as adored by customers as Virgin Airlines? Get a solid foundation in place by thinking through this set of important questions. Learn More...
At this week's New York Auto Show, Honda will show off it's new 2014 Honday Odyssey minivan, complete with in-car vacuum. Learn More...
Consumers can now pay for gasoline and car washes with their mobile devices at the Hughes Car Wash flagship location in Edmonton, Alberta, with plans to roll out the solution to additional locations over the next year. Learn More...
Arkansas Business
The sale of a Sherwood, AR, car wash tipped the scales at $2.4 million. Bailey’s Tunnel Wash LLC, led by John Bailey, purchased the Boomerang Car Wash project. Learn More...
JBS Industries

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