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RDM Industrial Electronics
July 18, 2012

Unitec Electronics
Ecolab Vehicle Care
Industry News
The New York State Car Wash Association broached the topics of Labor Laws and Unionization at its membership meeting July 17. Labor and employment lawyers educated the group on the current labor laws they need to comply with and labor and shared expertise on unionization and how best to prepare your staff for a possible movement at your wash. Learn More...
Midland Reporter-Telegram
At 35 gallons of water per vehicle, doing approximately 200 washes per day for six days every week, the Kwik Kar Wash and Service Center at 3314 N. Loop 250 West in Midland, TX, may use about 42,000 gallons of water every week. Very few of those gallons come from the city water supply, according to the shop's manager, Steve Rister. Learn More...
OPEN Forum
If there’s one lesson that came out of the Great Recession, it’s to keep a cash cushion so your business can ride out disaster. But how much should you tuck away? And where should you put the money? Learn More...
Blayney Chronicle
O'Brien Wash & Go in Blayney, Australia, will open its doors for the first time this week, marking a milestone for the Blayney Shire. Learn More...
New Haven Independent
Six months out of drug rehab, David Murray lathered up a white 2007 Jaguar XK8 convertible, continuing his recovery—and the planet’s—with the help of soap and microfiber shammies. Learn More...
You don't want your company to be among the walking dead. Know what you offer, to whom, and why. Learn More...
Marana Weekly News
Mister Car Wash launched their 2012 Paws-a-thon fundraising campaign to help local Humane Society and Rescue League organizations raise money through in-store donations and online marketplace. Learn More...
Resource Nation
As your company grows, or as the economy declines, you may run in to the problem of dealing with debt. Small businesses and startups may have the toughest time with debt management because of a lack of related experience or a tighter budget. Learn More...
JBS Industries
Naylor, LLC

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