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If you’re looking for rock star assistance with your business's social media channels, here is your big break. Two registered attendees* for The Car Wash Show™ 2016 will be selected to receive a one-on-one consultation with social media guru Sima Dahl.
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Each year, WCA hosts a series of Roadshows throughout the various membership regions. These events are designed to bring educational opportunities to WCA members as well as to provide opportunities for industry service providers to meet with current and prospective clients. While the exact program is tailored to each specific region, the following elements are included for all Roadshows.
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Wash Away Thirst is teaming up with charity: water to unite a community of car wash owners, vendors, and clean car enthusiasts for World Water Day, March 22, to raise $10,000 to build a water project in a rural community in Subsaharan Africa or Southeast Asia. Donations can be made until March 22 by visiting Wash Away Thirst’s web site
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Five fuel distributor-retailers -- Alimentation Couche-Tard, 7-Eleven Canada, Harnois Groupe petrolier, Parkland Fuel and Wilson Fuel -- have each bought up a substantial portion of Imperial Oil''s 497-unit company-owned Esso retail network in Canada in a series of deals for a total of $2.8 billion Canadian ($2.08 billion U.S.).
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Fuel City is a gas station in the middle of downtown Dallas, but "gas station" hardly describes this bizarre Disneyland of truck stops. Inside its large convenience store there's a huge, custom-made ice chest for beer the size of a Jacuzzi. A taco stand regularly serves long lines of customers 365 days a year.
Apple - the company, not the fruit - is rumored to be developing an electric car. Are we ready for a big iPhone on wheels? Is Apple ready? With phone and tablet sales plateauing, it figures that Apple wants to diversify. It''s also is sitting on a mountain of cash. 
Abu Dhabi, UAE: Passenger vehicle numbers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are estimated to increase at an average of 7.4 percent annually over the next four years, growing from 14.35 million in 2015 to 19.1 million by 2020, new research has revealed. 
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For those who are front-line employees thinking about a long-term future, the question of whether to go into management, whether it is good for you and for others, and figuring out whether you have the temperament to master it, is a career issue that many people are trying to answer," says Michael Useem, Wharton management professor.
A large number of the people responsible for the Human Resources function are in small companies. Often they have incomplete training and handle HR as one of a larger set of duties they are tasked with performing. The understanding they have of employment law may be thin. Here''s a useful resource from the EEOC.
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There are some aspects of a modern business that can go beyond employee-customer interaction to create a great experience for the customer. Essentially, certain aspects of a store experience can now be automated for the sake of customer convenience and satisfaction. Here are a few examples.
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As my fellow strategist David Taitelbaum explained in Lookalike Audiences: 3 Simple Steps to Grow Your VIPs, the small VIP segment of your customer base can actually have the greatest impact on your overall business, so it''s important to develop a strong following and keep them invested in your brand.
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Airlift Doors announces its solution to the moisture that gets trapped inside polycarbonate doors. While moisture in the panels won’t affect a door’s performance, Airlift Doors says this process drastically improves appearance by reducing or eliminating moisture from getting inside.
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