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PMMI has named Convention Data Services (CDS) as their new trusted registration partner for the PACK EXPO International Heathcare Packaging EXPO 2018. CDS will provide full registration and lead management services for the PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2018 October 14-17, 2018. In addition, CDS will utilize Data Sense, its new business intelligence tool, to integrate all event registrations, lead retrieval data and real-time reporting and analysis to create comprehensive reports on event trends during the exposition.
Experient, a Maritz Global Events Company
Experient, a Maritz Global Events Company
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Using geo-framing and IP targeting technology, E3 Marketing Group's Digital Bullseye Solutions brings online traffic to offline events. The Solutions targets audiences using key-word search, pre-show messaging and social media newsfeeds to promote brand awareness and generate leads before, during and after the event.
With an eye toward the dazzling and delicious, organizers are reporting an uptick in the number of companies tailoring their events to the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dog. Combining fantasy with the fantastic, businesses are using the celebrations as both an acknowledgement of the cultural significance of and a generous "Thank you" to their Chinese clients and partners.
To avoid the adage that failing to plan is a plan for failure, taking the time in advance to craft a plan for success creates focus, reduces risk and improves day-to-day thinking and decision making.
How ALA Automated Logistics Management for Their Annual Conference
ALA, along with other major organizations like ADA, WVC, MLA, and AAAnthro, have been in the process of Beta Testing the Logistics Module for the past year and a half so that it is ready for use by all meeting organizers in 2019. One organization calculated over 40 hours of labor saved after using the system.
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SOURCE: Fast Company
We've been taught to learn--and learn as much as you can to succeed. Indeed, information has always been at the heart of career development, but an Australian R&D software firm now suggests jettisoning some knowledge to avoid having your career become bogged down with zero-dividend information.
From smart car dashboards to household appliances and the IoT, voice-enable technology is creating a new user experience for cars, electronics--even the home washing machine. And marketers should take heed as "Voice is quickly becoming the ubiquitous interface" for delivery of brand image and message.
SOURCE: Exhibitor Online
With more than double the projected growth for 2017, the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp. reported a record 14.5 million visitors last year to the Music City, ranking Nashville seventh on the list of the Top 50 meeting and event locations in the U.S for 2017. With more hotel properties online and an interesting mix of down-home and internationally flavored calendar events, the city is looking to expanding its appeal worldwide to both the leisure and the business traveler.
Federal Express
SOURCE: Harvard Business Review
While ranking upward on any given scale is a product of hard word and create thinking, free-falling in rank is now dangerously fast--and easy--aided less by human effort and more by algorithms and multiple data sources, often with potentially damning outcomes when the data is flawed.
SOURCE: International Meetings Review
With the proliferation of data-breaches world-wide, avoiding the headach of hacking has become a full-time occupation. To reduce the loss of sensitive financial and personal information for all parties concerned, organizers should add a few extra measures to their cyber communications when planning their next event.
CEIR Event: Insights on Where Events Are Going
Event planners looking to game up their event attendance may want to study retail and eCommerce tactics for new ways to employ digital innovations. In an ever-evolving interaction landscape, these ideas are helping create new ways to interact with attendees pre- as well as post-show.



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