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Service Canada introduces Record of Employment on the Web

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The Record of Employment on the Web (ROE Web) service is a secure, easy-to-use online application that allows you to create, submit, retrieve, and amend 53-week ROEs on the Internet.

The benefits of ROE Web for HR professionals:

· Increases productivity and saves time – ROE Web allows you to submit more than 1,000 ROEs at once. Achieve additional efficiencies by using compatible payroll software or your own data interface to exchange data with ROE Web.

· Provides flexibility – Using ROE Web allows you to align ROE issuance with your pay cycle.

· Reduces paper burden and saves money in administration, storage, and postage – With ROE Web, you no longer need to order or store paper ROE forms or to send copies to Service Canada, and you are not required to print paper copies for your employees.

· Improves the quality and accuracy of ROEs – Using ROE Web, your ROEs are instantly validated, which means more accurate data and fewer phone calls and requests for payroll information from Service Canada.

The benefits of ROE Web for employees

· Quicker payments – An electronic ROE enables automation of EI claims, which results in faster service for your employees when they need it most.

· Always available online – Employees with a My Service Canada Account can view and print copies of their ROEs.

Register for ROE Web today!

  1. Complete the registration form, which is available on the Service Canada Web site, and authorize a Primary Officer (PO) to administer ROE Web on behalf of your organization.
  2. Visit – Your PO must then visit a Service Canada Centre to have his or her identification validated (the PO must show two pieces of identification, one of which must have a photo).
  3. Activate – Within 20 business days, your PO will receive the activation code needed to log on, and will then be able to enrol in ROE Web by accepting the online agreement.

If you use a payroll service provider – Contact your provider to determine which electronic ROE service is available to you.

If you use a payroll software – Contact your software vendor to check if the version you are using is compatible with ROE Web.

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