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Developing a Successful Green Program: Part Two
Not-So-Strange Bedfellows
Greening Your Meeting Space
Reducing Food Waste - Tips and Best Practices
Green Key Global Announces Two Appointments to the Team
Konover Hotel Corporation Attains Green Key Certification for its Entire Portfolio
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Sustainability 2.0: Beyond Green Teams
Debunking Three Green Cleaning Myths; Discerning Fact from Fiction
Fairmont Strives to Meet WWF Goals
Eco-hotel installs Electric Car Charging Station
Hilton Worldwide Announces Mattress Recycling Program
Compostable Take Out Packaging, the Material with a Conscience
Penticton Lakeside Resort Provide Organic Garden Produce for Guests and Patrons at Resort
Welcome to our Newest Members
Upcoming Green Events from Around the World
Is Your Green Key Assessment Up-to-Date?
Demystifying Green Jargon
By: Francisca Quinn, Sustainability Practice Leader, Loop Initiatives In the last issue of Green Scene, we introduced Loop’s Sustainability Integration Framework™ as a strategic guide to going green. In that article, we discussed the first two steps: developing a charter and designing a program. In this article, we provide practical direction on how to integrate sustainability into the way you run your business by selecting sustainability indicators, setting targets and tracking progress.
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By: Akanksha Halbe and Paul Parker Leaders in the hotel sector are proving that five-star luxury and a lighter footprint can thrive under the same roof.
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By: Jon McKay, Public Relations Manager, Bullfrog Power Inc. From discouraging the distribution of paper handouts to encouraging catering that uses reusable instead of disposable dishware, "reduce" is a message that event planners and hotels alike have integrated into their businesses.
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By: Mariela McIlwraith, CMP, CMM, MBA, President of Meeting Change The Ontario-based Value Chain Management Centre has issued a recent report on the critical issue of food waste in Canada. In the report, they state that in Canada alone there is an estimated $27 billion of food that is wasted annually*.
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Tony Pollard, Managing Director of Green Key Global, is pleased to announce two new appointments within the organization.
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Konover Becomes the first Management Company in the United States with Full Adoption Green Key Global, operators of the Green Key Eco-Rating Program (Green Key), have announced that the Konover Hotel Corporation is the first management company in the United States to attain Green Key certification for its entire portfolio. While several hotel management companies have certified individual properties, Konover is the first with 100-percent adoption.
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Register for Green Key Meetings and Receive $25.00 off your first year of membership! Promo Code: GKMFALL12 Valid until December 15th, 2012
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Green Lodging News 9/24/2012 Imagine a hotel recognized and supported by customers for its responsible environmental practices. A hotel where employee and customer satisfaction rankings, along with occupancy rates and margins, are consistently above average. Yes, this IS possible. All it takes is a well-managed sustainability program.
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Green Lodging News 10/9/2012 Environmental awareness otherwise known as "going green" is a broad philosophy deeply rooted in the concept of environmental conservation and improvement. In recent years, the concept of going green has certainly made its mark on popular culture, and as direct consequence has revealed a darker side to the movement. Cultural myths have made it difficult for the average consumer to discern fact from fiction. This is especially the case when it comes to the green cleaning industry. Below is a list of three commonly held misconceptions related to green cleaning.
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Canadian Lodging News - September 2012 Three years ago, when Fairmont Hotels & Resorts committed to the World Wildlife Foundation’s Climate Savers Program, it set some ambitious goals. One of those was to reduce operational CO2 emissions from its existing hotels by 20 per cent below 2006 levels by 2013.
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The Hilton Garden Inn on 500 York Road, an "eco-hotel", recently announced the installation of its first electric vehicle charging station. This destination hotel is one of first in Southern Ontario to adopt greener business practices, and cater to the ever-growing eco-traveler market.
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Hilton Worldwide announced a new mattress recycling program in coordination with the installation of new Serta mattresses and box springs. Available immediately across all brands in the U.S, the program will recycle approximately 85 percent of our hotels' mattresses and box springs into various products rather than being diverted to a landfill.
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Food and Beverage Operation Managers now have a new opportunity to reduce the hotels’ environmental impact. The focus is the environmental resources management of the interaction and impact of human societies on the environment.
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By: David Prystay, General Manager at Penticton Lakeside Resort Penticton Lakeside Resort's latest environmental labour was the development of the 10 acre Valley View Farm. The strategic partnership between the General Manager, Chef, Gardner, and Maintenance staff, took on an enormous task with this endeavour to provide farm to table, organic produce for guests at Resort.
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The Green Product Directory is designed to assist our Green Key Members in furthering their environmental and energy-saving initiatives. To access the complete directory, visit the "Member Portal" section of the Green Key Global website.
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Events occurring from November 2012 - April 2013
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Recent changes to the Green Key Eco-Rating Program require all members to ensure that they have completed the most recent version of the online assessment.
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Helping you decipher the terminology associated with sustainability and energy-saving actions.
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