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Once again, Earth Day is drawing near...on April 22, over a billion people across the planet will be celebrating in over 190 countries. Our hope for Earth Day this year, is for all of us to better share our successes, to show everyone that being sustainable is simply, good for the planet AND good for business.

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Hotel News Now
Patrick Mayock
Hoteliers from properties big and small can—and should—reap the benefits of sustainability.
Ottawa, ON; February 26, 2014 – Since its inception the Green Key Eco-Rating Program has watched the lodging industry gradually embrace and embed a culture of sustainability into its daily operations. This move towards greener practices is resonating with Canadian business and leisure travelers as noted by the Hotel Association of Canada in their annual Travel Intentions Survey released earlier this month.
British Columbia’s existing buildings account for two-thirds of all energy consumed in the Province and 41% of the Province’s total GHG emissions. Recognizing the significant role that buildings play in meeting the Province’s efforts to address climate change, energy, and water consumption and waste generation, this study sought to evaluate the performance of buildings in British Columbia and provide special consideration to the potential impact of third-party rating systems on achieving public policy objectives.
Hotel News Resource: Cornell’s researchers tested the operating efficiency of U.S. hotels using financial performance data from PKF Hospitality. Hotels that had earned the 'Eco-Leaf' designation from were more efficient in several areas of resource use than hotels that did not have eco-certification.
With the recent and increasing bans on incandescent lamps business owners and consumers are looking for more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable lighting solutions. Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs) are an efficient solution, but not an environmentally sustainable one. CFLs emit UV rays which are harmful for your skin and contain mercury gas which when inhaled can cause major problems for human beings. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are the way of the future; these robust, highly controllable and sustainable lamps can last up to 50,000 hours and beyond lowering maintenance and lamp replacement costs considerably!
Ottawa, ON; February 27, 2014 – Green Key Global and the Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association (CHLA) have partnered to promote the Green Key Eco-Rating Program to Colorado’s lodging industry. The selection of Green Key Global as its certification partner compliments a drive by the association to promote a culture of sustainability amongst its members.
Purchasing B2B:

CHICAGO, IL—Most travellers say they prefer to buy from or patronize "green" vendors and service providers when they are out of town, according to a joint survey conducted by The GO Group, LLC, an international ground transportation provider and GO Airport Express, a GO Group member company based in Chicago.
In this innovative webinar, panelists from Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa, Hyatt Calgary's Catch Restaurant & the Oyster Bar, and Meetings & Conventions PEI discuss how to create and implement a meaningful sustainability plan, how to leverage your environmental initiatives to differentiate your offering, and best practices for employee and customer engagement.
Global Business Travel
Peter Greenberg

The airlines list him on their manifests as William Adams. He's a multi-million-miler mega road warrior who averages 600,000 real air miles a year, currently commuting around London, Los Angeles, and Australia. At hotels, he almost always registers using an alias.
Kristine A. Wong
In the future, tracking the growth and development of a certain stand of açaí palm trees in Brazil's Amazon rainforest might just as likely be done by a student as a government biologist.
Naylor, LLC
Green Product Directory
The Green Product Directory is designed to assist our Green Key Members in furthering their environmental and energy saving initiatives. To access the complete directory, visit the Green Key Global website.
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