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I have to say that coming to Conference this year was a bittersweet experience because this September we have been witness to so much devastation and suffering caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and the massive earthquake in Mexico. While business commitments demand my brain to focus, maintain its composure and provide others with direction, my heart weighs heavy for Houston, Mexico, Florida, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean...and now Las Vegas. Throughout the past month, we have been actively working with the presidents of local chapters to support their recovery activities – specifically, South Florida, Tampa Bay, Orlando and Puerto Rico.

Prospanica News

Prospanica Fall 2017 Conference and Magazine


Prospnica launched its Fall 2017 Prospanica Magazine, which was distributed at Conference last week.



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The last week of September brought with it crisp temperatures and Black and Hispanic business hopefuls in freshly-pressed suits, eager to network, become inspired, or re-connect at “Power of Performance: Leadership at The Next Level.” Other than the accomplished professionals who were honored at Prospanica’s Brillante Awards Gala, Galiana was one of the key figures being recognized at the conference as a whole.

Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Wake Forest University
Power Shift

By Pablo Schneider

When I started my Masters in Management at San Diego State University there were few or no Hispanics in any of my classes. There were very few Hispanic students in the SDSU College of Business Administration and there were no Hispanic faculty members at the Master’s level. The sense of isolation and desire to connect with other Hispanic business professionals that I had were similar to those described by Victor Arias, Jr. that sparked the idea of founding NSHMBA (now Prospanica).

In the News

¡BRAVO! Our very own, L. Xavier Cano, is the winner of the Coors Light Líderes program’s $25,000 that he will donate to Prospanica to continue offering educational, professional development, and leadership programs across the country. The entire Prospanica family wants to congratulate Xavier for this recognition, and thank him for supporting our organization through this generous gift. ¡Mil gracias!


Pew Research Center
The high school dropout rate among U.S. Hispanics has fallen to a new low, extending a decades-long decline, according to recently released data from the Census Bureau. The reduction has come alongside a long-term increase in Hispanic college enrollment, which is at a record high.

On a Lighter Note

Q: Most people’s careers are basically a series of opportunities or paths you need to choose from. And sometimes, you may be left wondering, what if I took the other path? Looking back, is there a point in your career you’d like to go back to and see where that path would have taken you just out of curiosity?

I’ve been blessed to have a wonderful professional career thus far. Looking back, there are probably two points that I wonder “what would have been” had I chosen a different path. The first is when I left the active duty Air Force to join Johnson & Johnson. I wonder what my Air Force career would have been like over the next 20 years. I miss serving in the military. The second time that I look back on and wonder “what if” came after I was in ETHICON, J&J for about 10 years. I was working closely with surgeons as I have for many years now, and I felt perhaps I missed my true calling to practice medicine as a surgeon.