Minister Issues Interim DRAFT Order on the Use of Lasers

In 2014, fourteen aviation associations delivered a letter to the Minister on the subject on the use of lasers against aircraft [Read the letter]. The Minister recently issued a DRAFT interim order on this subject, that proposes to prohibit lasers greater than 1 milliwatt from public places within a yet-to-be-determined distance from certified aerodromes (airports and heliports). Certain legitimate uses, such as construction work and education, will be permitted within these areas.

When questioned on why they were not including private places they said that there may be charter of rights and freedoms issues if they are banned in private areas.

HAC, and others believe, that the only effective measure would be to ban certain lasers entirely, and to criminalize the act of pointing a laser at any aircraft anywhere, which was recommended by HAC in 2014, in the joint letter.