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March 2016 In This Issue
GMIS International Update
Chapter News
Member Spotlight
International News
Legislative Issues
Professional Development and Leadership
Geek's Corner
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
GMIS International Update
Millennials are certainly not the advanced persistent cyber security threat in today’s workforce as some perceive. Millennials are the first generation in the information age to grow up with technology in their hands. They are also the first technological and social generation that is extremely savvy when it comes to leveraging information technology to network, socialize, multi-task, and increase productivity and efficiency in both their personal and work lives.
Chapter News
Join NJ-GMIS on April 7, 2016, at the Palace at Somerset Park. The 2016 TEC Conference will feature a number of topical presentations for public sector technology professionals including in-depth technical sessions, management issues, IT specialties and applications, web, social media and communications, K-12, public safety, and more.
Member Spotlight
GMIS member since March 2012
Number of IT staff: 1
Population: 8,000–9,000
IT budget: $400,000–$500,000 (including payroll)
International News
You may have noticed a change this year – the GMIS annual conference has been rebranded as GMIS MEETS, the Meeting Education and Expo for the Technology Sector. Same great content and networking opportunities, with a new recognizable brand from year to year!
GMIS is a valued research partner with the Public Technology Institute. Through this partnership, GMIS members receive these following PTI member benefits...
The GMIS Data Dive is a one-stop shop for IT benchmarking and metrics analysis based on data provided by GMIS International members from across the United States. Agency member access to the platform is included in your annual membership dues. If you have not yet participated in the GMIS Data Dive, don’t delay!
Naylor Association Solutions
Legislative Issues
Rachel Eckert, Govtech.com
Organizations at all levels of government play an important role in protecting critical systems from cyberattacks.
Obama's budget request to Congress emphasizes cybersecurity, would create IT modernization revolving fund.
The White House Office of the Press Secretary
From the beginning of his Administration, the president has made it clear that cybersecurity is one of the most important challenges we face as a nation, and for more than seven years he has acted comprehensively to confront that challenge.
Sarah Breitenbach, Stateline via Govtech.com
As computerized voting machines reach the end of their life span, officials must figure out what to replace them with and how to pay for it.
Professional Development and Leadership
Colin Wood, Govtech.com
Ransomware starts the same as any other malware attack, but it's much less effective against organizations that back up their data.
Bill Haight and Robert Read, Nextgov.com
It seems that every IT organization in the world is talking about agile. Organizations need to be more agile, use agile project management, adopt agile methodologies – but what does agile really mean? And why is it important to government?
Sarah K. White, CIO
There is no "one size fits all" approach for managing workers, and that's especially true for developers. Here are the 5 most common developer personalities – and tips on how to manage them.
Karen Romano, American City & County Contributor
With budgets constrained, government officials are continually on the lookout for innovative and cost-effective ways to protect critical data while maintaining the required level of service to citizens.
Bill Snyder, InfoWorld
These leading-edge jobs could prove to be the most lucrative careers in tomorrow’s tech.
Geek's Corner
Ben Miller, Govttech.com
States, counties, cities, and universities are all working to put self-driving cars on the road.
Derek Prall, American City and County
All big cities have one thing in common – traffic. It’s frustrating, costly, and bad for the environment. High levels of traffic increase stress, lower quality of life, and make a city less appealing.
Alex Dixon, The Herald-Sun via Govtech.com
Transloc Rider will integrate Uber ridesharing, public transit and even walking to offer several options with both prices and travel times.
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