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November 2015

GMIS Goes Agile

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It seems that one cannot pick up an IT trade journal or browse articles and blogs online these days without seeing something on Agile. Unlike so many other over-hyped buzzwords, Agile has the potential to transform the way that government IT, large, small and in-between, does business. With it comes a whole new language in which customers are stakeholders, requirements are user stories, and sprints are more than what you do when you're late for the last bus.

Several months ago, GMIS entered into a new partnership with a group called Agile Government Leadership ( AGL is an online community of federal, state, and local governments interested in implementing or furthering the use of Agile Project Management and Agile Methodologies in government. AGL offers webinars and resources to help governments understand and utilize Agile for a variety of projects. While Agile has its roots in software development and that’s where most people’s thoughts go when they think of Agile, its methodologies can be applied to any project but is especially useful where there is a degree of innovation or uncertainty.

GMIS International and Agile Government Leadership are proud to announce a combined GMIS Live!/AGL Live webinar focusing on what Agile Project Management and Agile Methodologies bring to government organizations. No vendors, no product pitches, just open dialogue with and by agile practitioners. Please join panelists Steve Collins from Richland County, SC; Tim Nolan from Collin County, TX; and Bill Haight from Salt Lake City, UT; on December 9, 2015 at 2 p.m. Eastern/11 a.m. Pacific for a roundtable discussion. You’ll hear each of their stories around Agile and how it has benefited them and their organizations. Registration is free of charge and open to governmental organizations at the local, state and federal level at or

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