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July 2014

Granbury, TX

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Anthony Tull
GMIS member since 6/22/2012
Number of IT staff: 3 (including myself)
Population: 8,900
IT budget: 2014-2015 projected $889,000 
What has been a significant technology achievement for you or your organization?

The implementation of a VM environment for all critical application servers was a major milestone and technology achievement. This was even further enhanced by rolling out the VM High Availability/Disaster Recovery module.
Another achievement that we has enabled us to focus our resources more strategically was the rollout of Windows 8 across the Enterprise. We did this as soon as it was available for Volume License customers. Our calls for desktop support have dropped to almost zero and we contribute that to Windows 8.
This has allowed us to move forward with new projects, even with our limited staff, such as Laserfiche across the Enterprise.

What future Initiatives are you hoping to accomplish in the next year?

Next year will be a big year for our city technologically. We will be implementing a CISCO VOIP system across the Enterprise to leverage the fiber connectivity we implemented two years ago. This will eliminate all the disparate out-of-date systems at different locations and bring a single system that will allow for efficient use of IT resources to manage phones.
We will also be retiring an outdated permitting and licensing application and replacing it with Tyler’s Energov software with full web portal and field inspection modules. This will enable our developers and contractors to both apply and pay for licenses and permits off of our website. Inspectors will also be able to complete inspection reports onsite via iPads.
What is the best advice you could offer your fellow members?

We have a motto in our department that has really served us well. So many times the IT Department is seen as the bad guys who always so "no." Our approach is don’t tell me what we can’t do, tell me what we can do. We strive hard to help our customers justify and obtain whatever technology they feel will help them better serve the citizens and make them more effective at their jobs. In the end, I think that’s what brings value to IT and gives us a seat at the big table.

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