BC: CPA looking for opportunity in B.C. 2019 budget

The B.C. Government has announced their 2019 Budget, and with it, the highly anticipated financial commitment to the CleanBC Plan. The budget is forecasting a surplus of $247 million in the coming year, with much of that surplus coming from increased revenues from the speculation tax.
The budget announced $20 billion over the next three years in capital infrastructure projects to support the B.C. economy and $800 million in business tax reductions to support investment in new plants, machinery and equipment. B.C. will invest $4.4 billion in hospital expansion and upgrades that could include backup generators.
The CleanBC Plan will receive $902 million over three years – $223 million is designated for an enhanced climate action tax credit for low income families, $299 million to contingency funding for projects under development (not defined), leaving $354 million remaining for operating funds and $26 million for capital expenditures.

Highlights from the CleanBC plan: 
The CPA is working to identify opportunities for the propane industry from this budget and will update members as more details on programs become available. To review the B.C. budget, click here.