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Increased Propane Demand is Good for Alberta

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The CPA met with key members of Alberta’s Department of Energy at the beginning of March to promote low emission, low cost propane and its ability to help the province reach its greenhouse gas reduction targets.
Propane is currently playing a significant role in the government’s Petrochemical Diversification Program. The government says its recent approval of the two new petrochemical projects of Pembina Pipeline Corporation and Inter Pipeline, which together will process about 45,000 barrels of propane per day, will add jobs, diversify the energy industry and create lasting benefits for Alberta’s economy.
Discussions also focused on auto propane as a viable alternative fuel source, particularly for school and transit buses, police cars, courier vans, taxis and other high mileage fleets. UPS, Canada Post and FedEx, school bus operators in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, as well as the London Police and New Westminster Police have all switched to propane autogas for its environmental advantages and quick return on investment. The CPA stressed the propane industry’s commitment to infrastructure development, provided the government is committed to changing the culture of auto propane through promotional campaigns and tax incentives.
It was agreed that increased propane demand is good for Alberta. The CPA looks forward to continued meetings with the Alberta government, advocating for propane and providing ideas for policy makers to realize the value and opportunities to be gained from its increased utilization.

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