Water Haller: We’re back!

I’ll start with a Happy New Year and an apology for anyone that’s been trying to reach us. We shut down the headquarters here in Ottawa in December to address some serious water damage. It was a bigger job than we expected (it always is) and it meant moving our server out of the office and efforts to all work remote. This went fairly well, but I know we missed a lot of calls and our emails weren’t always working either.

Well, we’re back in the offices this week. The "new’"digs look great. It had been quite a few years since the last paint job, so with new flooring, more efficient lighting, and a new colour scheme, it really is great to be back in our professional offices.  

NWWC 2017 St. John’s
We put out a fun post-conference e-blast intended to make everyone who missed the conference feel really bad. I am getting reports that the plan worked! If you didn’t see it, click here:  lhttps://www.nwwc2018.ca/2017summary

NWWC 2018 Montreal
We’re already working on the next conference. We have put out a call for speaking proposals and we’re always open to topic ideas too. We also have a team forming in Montreal to help plan the social side and networking.
Check out www.nwwc2018.ca and block the dates now. November 4-7, 2018!

Window on Ottawa
Program is starting to come together for this annual event as well. We welcome you all to Ottawa this June 5th and 6th. http://cwwa.ca/windowonottawa_e.asp 

Canadian Water and Wastewater Association