Acts Depicted On Reality TV Show Lead to Environmental Conviction

On March 10, 2015, as the result of the airing of an episode of Gold Rush – a "realtiy" TV program which depicts placer mining
operations - Yukon’s Chief Mining inspector received a complaint that Tamarack, Inc. as depicted in the episode had poured
gasoline into a dredge pond in order to deliberately set it alight.

As a result, Tamarack Inc. and its director,Anton Beets faced charges that they permitted the deposit of waste into water in a water management area and that they failed to report the said deposit, contrary to the territories’ Waters Act. Tamarack, Inc. was also charged with failing to comply with the conditions of its water licence, namely to not use fuel in a way that allows it to be deposited in waters and to report an unauthorized discharge. The charges relate to an October 2014 incident in which a contract welder was captured on film pouring gasoline over the pond and encouraging another worker to set it alight The Crown called four witnesses and entered as an exhibit a video of the portion of the television show depicting the pouring and lighting of the fuel. The defence called no evidence.The Court convicted the defendants on all of their respective charges.

Canadian Water and Wastewater Association