Key collaboration tool on!, the federal government’s procurement website, has introduced a feature that increases opportunities for collaboration among suppliers.
The List of Interested Suppliers gives suppliers the option to add their company name and contact information to indicate their interest in a particular Government of Canada tender.
Encourages partnership opportunities
By sharing their contact information on the List of Interested Suppliers, suppliers can expand their networks and find bidding partners. Primary contractors can also refer to the List to identify potential sub-contractors.
Good for buyers and sellers! 
Available on all active Government of Canada tender notices on, the List is optional and free. The new feature also serves to inform government buyers of the level of interest and of potential bidders to their tenders. Click on any active Tender Notice on to see the List of Interested Suppliers.
"We are excited about adding this new feature on as it helps suppliers connect on federal tenders and also helps government buyers know how their tenders are doing," said Randal Cripps, Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Acquisitions, Public Works and Government Services Canada.
Visit Join a List of Interested Suppliers to learn more about this service.

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