Guidance for Issuing and Rescinding Boil Water Advisories

Health Canada has posted a new proposed document "Guidance for Issuing and Rescinding Boil Water Advisories" for public comment. 

The document summarizes the factors that should be considered before boil water advisories are issued or rescinded and provides an overview of currently available trends related to the reasons for issuing boil water advisories and the characteristics of the drinking water systems affected. It provides specific guidance for those impacted by a boil water advisory, including how to properly boil or disinfect water. It also provides guidance for responsible authorities, through the inclusion of decision trees, for routine microbiological testing of municipal and residential scale systems in support of potential decisions concerning the issuance of boil water advisories.

CWWA’s Drinking Water Quality Committee is reviewing the document and will submit comments if concerns arise.

Canadian Water and Wastewater Association