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Water Haller: The Express Version

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My apologies for not offering a full Water Haller this month.  We’re right in the middle of conference time and I mid-travel between the BCWWA conference in Banff and the Canadian Water Summit in Blue Mountain before I make it to the Window on Ottawa….then comes AWWA’s ACE in Denver….and then more.

I expect if you’re a reader of this e-Bulletin, you already understand the importance of Canada’s water organizations and you appreciate the value of membership in one or more associations.  The greatest part of being part of an association is the professional networking offered at every event.  I may be accused of getting a bit too much networking sometimes, but I think that is the most critical part of my job – meeting members and knowing what’s going on in each region.  Then I try to paly the role of "The Introducer”.  I think I’m the only person that gets to every major water event across Canada – not just attending but participating in the board meetings and socials and hearing what each area is doing.  Then I like meeting people and then introducing them to others with a similar interest or this doing similar projects that should know about each other.

I want to thank all my hosts at each of these events that treats me so royally – those at Reseau Environnement, NACWA, WEAO and OWWA, BCWWA and Canadian Water Summit…and all those yet to come.  Your support for me strengthens our national CWWA!

I SHOULD see you all at the Window on Ottawa next week…or at the NWWC in Banff in November, but if you won’t come see me….I’ll just have to come and see you!