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CWWA Water and Energy Efficiency Committee Updates

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A goal for 2018 is to feature updates from our Technical Committees. Our Committees are the backbone of the Association – providing technical expertise, telling us what the on-the-ground impacts of federal legislation are and helping us shape the technical program for our Events. Many Committees also complete additional projects that help further the Industry.
The Water and Energy Efficiency Committee is incredibly active and is doing some great work to further the understanding of energy and water efficiency and their interrelationship. In addition, the committee works to provide Best Management Practices for water and energy managers in Canada.
In 2017 the Committee completed three projects:

The Committee has already met to discuss priorities for 2018. They are looking at several projects which we could support financially, and have begun prioritizing topics for upcoming position statements.  The Committee has begun brainstorming content for the 2018 National Water and Wastewater Committee and we look forward to some really strong energy and water efficiency sessions.

One of the most significant work items currently underway is the development of an Issues Analysis Paper on Food Waste Grinders (FWG). This has been a collaborative process, engaging members of our wastewater committee and biosolids experts. This paper will be an excellent resource for utilities, providing an analysis of  the technical challenges of widespread use of food waste grinders with consideration to local context. Since decisions about the use of FWGs is highly influenced by municipality specific circumstances the paper will not provide final recommendations, but will be an excellent resource for decision making across the country. 

A new feature of our meetings is a roundtable where Committee members update on initiatives and projects in their organizations. This has proved exceptionally valuable as it provides a forum to exchange ideas and learn about some really innovative work our members are doing.

We always welcome new members, we’re especially seeking members with a specialty or interest in energy conservation and efficiency, and members from Atlantic Canada.
Meet our Committee 


Water Efficiency Co-Chairs
Aaron Boulton-Chaykowski, City of Calgary
Jennifer Bailey, City of Vancouver

Energy Efficiency Chair
Qing Zhang, EPCOR

Bill Chihata, Regional Municipality of York
Mary Ann Dickinson, Alliance for Water Efficiency
T. Duncan Ellison, Cheffell Associates
Jennifer Gilks, City of Guelph
Steve Gombos, Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Brent Houle, City of Winnipeg
Bryan Karney, University of Toronto
Jeffrey Knapp, Halifax Water
Nancy Kodousek, Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Morris Liu, City of Calgary
Johann Manente, Region of Peel
Kathy McAlpine-Sims, Regional Municipality of Halton
Kevin Reilly, H2O Innovation
Carol Salisbury, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Kirk Stinchcombe, Econics
Sarah Wolfe, University of Waterloo
Gary Wong, OSIsoft
Samir Yammine, City of Saint John
Heather Zarski, EPCOR Water Services Inc.
Tanji Zumpano, Regional District of Central Kootenay

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