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Let me hear you say "WHO DAT?"

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You can probably guess that I was just in New Orleans for WEFTEC where everyone’s always yelling "WHO DAT?" I haven’t actually made it home yet. I am literally calling this one in from the airport in Chicago. Chicago you ask?  A long story of delayed departures, missed connections and ridiculous rerouting. But this is conference season.  My thanks to everyone in ACWWA for the wonderful hospitality in Moncton. Then it was straight to New Orleans for WEFTEC, WEF Government Affairs Committee, the Canadian Affairs Council and work with the Canadian Trade Commission. Next week it’s Brisbane, Australia for the IWA World Water Congress as we try to attract this international event to Toronto in 2022.

But I do need to hear from you on two projects in October. In the coming weeks you will be receiving two direct Communiqués from CWWA.

1.Infrastructure Advocacy
We will be sharing a report with you titled Our Impact-Our Opportunity-Our Position. This report outlines what we’ve been doing and saying for the past few years on infrastructure, identifies the opportunity to provide input and our proposed positions and key messages to the federal government. 
PLEASE READ THE POSITIONS and provide your comments if you feel the message needs to be modified (strengthened or weakened) or if we’ve missed any major points. 

2.Membership Survey  
It’s been a few years since we surveyed you as our members. Your CWWA Board of Directors meets 4 times every year and they try to identify what they see as the hottest issues in water and wastewater. They then set the priorities for the Association to address. The Board would like to hear from you and confirm we are representing the interests of our members. The survey will also ask you about our ongoing advocacy efforts and our communications tools. PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEY.

Finally....if you are planning to attend our National  Water & Wastewater Conference in Toronto in November PLEASE REGISTER NOW!  All these last minute registrations give me ulcers and heartburn and often force us to cancel or alter parts of the program. If you haven’t decided yet – you really should attend. The program is really incredible.  

We also ask that you register at our conference hotel, the Marriott Eaton Centre – we have great rates and your room booking helps us make our conference obligations that keep the conference costs lower.  AND YOU COULD  WIN A PRIZE!! 

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