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PEI council completes Water Act consultations report

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Prince Edward Island’s Minister of Communities, Land and Environment, announced May 16, 2016, that the province’s Environmental Advisory Council has now completed its report on proposed changes to the provincial Water Act.

The Council’s report concludes that any legislative, regulatory and/or policy framework should support efforts to:
  • conserve, protect and restore the health of aquatic and riparian ecosystems;
  • safeguard and enhance drinking water;
  • regulate water use;
  • ensure water security through use, efficiency and conservation practices;
  • encourage and enforce land use management practices that protect water quality, the integrity and health of watersheds, associated watercourses, and the groundwater resource;
  • allow for the continuous adaptation of water management rules, as science advances, or natural conditions change; and
  • standardize, streamline and make transparent government decision making.
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