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The history of the "military internet complex" took a giant leap forward as a result of the 9/11 attacks. During the famous "surge," this intelligence processing machine was then deployed to Iraq with astounding success in cyber-warfare. Cell phones and communications of hundreds of enemy combatants were tapped, which led to their arrests or demise. Back home, the NSA obtained unfettered access—some argue illegally—to personal online information in its effort to protect the U.S. economy and its citizens from debilitating cyber and terrorist attacks. Much of this activity was brought to light from one of their contractors, Edward Snowden.

@War is the detailed account of the alliance of big military and big business to protect assets from cyber attacks, primarily from China, which has an offensive "cyber cavalry" five times as large as that of U.S. and an insatiable appetite for spying to match its size.

For years, China has been a source of "pervasive and relentless espionage against the U.S.," and while it is illegal for a nonmilitary U.S. entity to retaliate, it is only a matter of time before one does and all hell breaks loose.

This is also just as much a story of security versus liberty. To what degree is the general public willing to tolerate giving up privacy to protect itself from theft of personal information and threat of economic damage? In @War, you'll find out.


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