CIA (e)Bulletin/(e)Bulletin de l'ICA
May 2019
Elliott Bauer
D.W. Simpson & Company
President's Update

By John Dark, FCIA
John Dark reflects on the retirement public statement, the North American Actuarial Council meeting, and CIA elections.

In Focus

By Faisal Siddiqi, FCIA
IFRS 17, pension educational notes, task force to update guidance, and recruiting for designated groups are just a few of the things keeping the Standards and Guidance Council busy.

Public Affairs Corner

By Sandra Caya
A roundup on the launch of the CIA’s retirement age public statement, lessons learned, and what happens next.

Research Hub

By Jean-Yves Rioux, FCIA
A new study reveals how Canadian life insurance organizations use predictive analytics tools.

Elliott Bauer
Valani Global
On the Horizon

By Michel Montambeault, FCIA
Every three years, the Office of the Chief Actuary commissions an external peer review of its Actuarial Report on the Canada Pension Plan. The Chief Actuary’s April 16 announcement seeks a review panel for the next (30th) edition.

By Chris Fievoli, FCIA
Calling all Waterloo MActSc graduates! Celebrate 10 years of graduate actuarial science at a special banquet on May 31.

The IFRS 17 Steering Committee answers questions about actuarial analysis requirements under IFRS 17.

Institute News


By Alicia Rollo, CHRL
Meetings in Jakarta help move the actuarial profession forward in Indonesia.

The CIA celebrates National Volunteer Week with an outreach campaign to recognize the outstanding contributions of its volunteer force.


Laval Mathieu, FCIA(1966)

RGA Canada
Events News

A closer look at what to expext at the act19 CIA annual conference.

Social Media and the CIA

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