Consider Running in the 2018 Elections

By Rob Stapleford, FCIA

The Elections Committee is actively seeking candidates for President-elect and Director (four positions) for the upcoming CIA elections. Each position involves a three-year commitment.

Why Should You Consider Running?

Members who have served as President or on the Board told the 2018 Elections Committee about their experience and the benefits they received from their involvement:

Most past Directors did not consider the role onerous. The roles of President-elect and President require a greater time commitment, with a number of Past Presidents noting that they were successful in getting support from their employer and family to help them manage the workload. A common comment from everyone was that the benefits of serving are worth any extra effort.

How Do I Declare My Candidacy?

Running is easy. Election rules are available on the website. The Elections Committee and the CIA strive to make the effort to run convenient for candidates.

If you are interested in running or have any questions, please contact me ( or one of the members of the Elections Committee (you must be logged in to the members’ site to view the committee members) in the next 2–3 weeks.

Rob Stapleford, FCIA, is Chair of the Elections Committee.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires