2017 Seminar for the Appointed Actuary Highlights

By Matthieu Landry

Sessions on changes to the Life Insurance Capital Adequacy Test (LICAT) and IFRS 17, and professionalism case studies were the main focus of the 2017 CIA Seminar for the Appointed Actuary.

“With LICAT coming in 2018, and IFRS 17 not far behind, this year’s Seminar for the Appointed Actuary focused on the many changes that CIA members will need to navigate through in the coming years,” said Chris Fievoli, CIA staff actuary, communications and public affairs.

LICAT and IFRS 17 were prominent topics in almost all of the sessions at the seminar, with discussions on the key changes (including philosophical differences) of the new valuation standard, the involvement of actuaries in IFRS 17 implementation, regular engagements with auditors and professionals responsible for the preparation of the financial statements, and more.

Interactive Session on Professionalism for CIA Members

An interactive session that featured two professionalism case study videos and commentary by a panel of seasoned actuaries was also a highlight at this year’s seminar. Audience members participated in live polling using the CIA meeting app—making this a unique continuing professional development and networking opportunity.

“It was also important to take a step back and reiterate the importance of professionalism in our daily work,” said Mr. Fievoli. “This year’s seminar delivered on that account as well.”

Keynote Speaker: Ryan Avent of The Economist

Other seminar highlights include a keynote presentation by Ryan Avent, senior editor and economics columnist at The Economist, who discussed how the digital revolution affects fundamental social institutions—from the structure of the welfare state to the way our cities are built.

Next year’s Seminar for the Appointed Actuary will be held September 17–18, 2018 in Toronto.

Matthieu Landry is senior coordinator, marketing at the CIA.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires