Recommendations from the New Members Survey Report

In an effort to better serve new members and promote the role of the CIA within this group, the New Members Committee (NMC) conducted a survey in December 2015. The 268 respondents were members who had earned their FCIA (58 percent) or ACIA (42 percent) within the last five years. The intent of the survey was to gain insight from new members around volunteerism, professional development, and communication.

In November, the Member Services Council approved the New Members Survey Report. It will be circulated to committee chairs to review its recommendations in the following areas:


The NMC’s recommendations on volunteering include the following:

In addition to the broad recommendations above, the NMC has the following specific recommendations intended to generate greater awareness, attractiveness, community engagement, and volunteerism within the new member community:


With regard to CIA communications, the NMC report recommends the following:

Continuing Education

There was a strong demand among respondents for increased continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities. To that end, the report recommends the following:

The committee was surprised to see a number of respondents were not aware of CIA-sponsored events.


Part of the survey looked at so-called secondary insights: responses to questions around broader issues such as the main reason the respondent became an actuary and what the respondent considers the primary purpose of the actuarial profession and the CIA. A majority of respondents focus on the technical aspects of the profession and the Institute, but the NMC believes that the profession has a better story to tell around the value it provides to its practitioners and society as a whole. To that end, the report proposes that in the CIA’s value proposition and brand there should be a greater emphasis on the value that actuaries provide to society and the higher purpose of the profession (to help the public).

Going Forward

The Institute will review the recommendations to determine which ones to implement, and how to do so.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires