Reflections on 2016

By Dave Dickson, FCIA
CIA President

I decided to run for President-elect in spring 2015. Unlike other years, there was an actual election for the position with two other candidates in the running. After the votes were cast, I waited anxiously for the results. One day I returned from a lunch with two friends, both CIA members, to a voice mail from the Chair of the Elections Committee, Jim Christie, congratulating me on my victory and wishing me the best.

My immediate reaction was "now what?" I knew I would have a busy three years that would change my life. I was already actively volunteering with the CIA but becoming President-elect and then President would add a lot of responsibility. So, putting on my actuary’s hat, I decided to gather information. I had already spent time talking to some of the CIA’s leadership so I had an idea of my new role(s). To gather more information, I talked to various people involved with the CIA, including past presidents, Board members, and others. I did get some conflicting views on the role(s), but developed a better picture.

So, what have I learned?

In October, I attended the Society of Actuaries (SOA) annual meeting in Las Vegas. Craig Reynolds, the outgoing SOA President, gave a very inspirational farewell speech in which he thanked members who had voted for him and given him the opportunity to be SOA President. He said that it had been the most rewarding year of his professional career. In June 2017, I expect to say something similar during our Annual Meeting in Québec City.

I have really enjoyed my almost year and a half in these roles. It has allowed me to help make a difference to members and the profession, and most of all, it has been fun. It has changed my life in a very positive way and I look forward to the rest of my term.

Dave Dickson, FCIA, is President of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires