Pension and Investment Seminars

Investment Seminar participants.

In early November, the CIA hosted the Pension Seminar and the Investment Seminar.

Over 155 people attended the Pension Seminar in Montréal. The seminar featured a variety of sessions covering a wide-range of topics, including an overview of Samoisette v. IBM Canada Ltd. and legal issues surrounding participant investment decisions in defined contribution plans. CIA Fellow Rob Brown’s presentation on CPP expansion ("how much is enough?") and a session on solvency funding from the director of the pension policy branch of the Ontario Ministry of Finance were highlights.

Actuary and Canadian Paralympic gold medallist Dean Bergeron was the keynote speaker. In his talk, "Dare to dare! – The limits are only made to be overcome!" he discussed the challenges he has faced pursuing a career as an actuary and competing internationally as a wheelchair racer, setting records and earning 10 Paralympic medals. He explained how he links his personal objectives with a corporate strategic plan as a vice-president at La Capitale.

The next day, 70 people attended the Investment Seminar, also in Montréal. Speakers discussed a number of current topics, including investing in frontier and emerging markets, negative interest rates, robo advisors, and risk factor investing.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires