In Memoriam

Duane Kidwell, FCIA (1974), FSA (1960), MAAA (1965)

Duane Kidwell passed away October 30, 2016. He was 94. Mr. Kidwell earned his undergraduate degree at Bowling Green State University and his master’s degree from The Ohio State University. After serving in the U.S. navy, he taught mathematics for two years at Ohio State. In 1948, he became an actuary at The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, from which he retired in 1987 as vice-president and chief actuary. He taught actuarial science at the University of Hartford and worked as an actuarial consultant until 1994.

Duane Kidwell obituary

Michael Bennett, FCIA (1970), FSA (1970)

Michael (Mike) Bennett passed away on November 17, 2016 at the age of 82. In 1968, after many years at Dominion Life, Mr. Bennett became one of the first professors of actuarial science at the University of Waterloo, heading up the program until the mid-1970s. He was very well regarded as an excellent teacher, helping to attract a number of students to the Waterloo program. He retired from teaching in 1993. An active CIA volunteer from 1972 to 1996, he served as a member on numerous committees including the Mortality Committee, the Tutorial Subcommittee, and the Expected Experience Committee.

Michael Bennett obituary

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