April Update


By Rob Stapleford, FCIA

The CIA Board has many important issues currently on its plate and numerous projects that are in their final stages ahead of our next Board meeting at the June Annual Meeting.

Strategic Plan

One significant Board activity is the review and updating of the Institute’s strategic plan. Each of the four key initiatives that are being added to the plan has Board members, volunteers, and CIA Head Office staff working hard to reach the milestones in time.

Blue Ribbon Task Force

One of these key initiatives is increasing the CIA’s engagement in public policy, one that the Board has been fully behind for over a year. The Blue Ribbon Task Force chaired by Jacques Tremblay is looking into this initiative, working on processes for the CIA to get in front of some big topics, how to generate appropriate research, and take an evidence-based proactive stance, all with built-in member outreach. It is trying to balance taking bolder positions in the public policy space while making sure that members have ample opportunity to express their thoughts during public position development, and looking for ways to develop appropriate initiatives that would support the vision, mission, and values of the CIA, in the public interest. There are diverse opinions about the CIA’s involvement in public policy, and the members of the task force represent the broad spectrum of those opinions. Stay tuned for more news following the Annual Meeting.

Public Position on Public Pension Plans

The Pension Advisory Committee (PAC), chaired by Michel St-Germain, has developed a public position which focuses on the expansion of public pension plans. It is a natural and timely follow-up to November’s public position, A Call to Timely Action: Meeting the Needs of Canada’s Future Retirees. That document laid out six conditions which must be met for the CIA to support an expansion of public pension plans. The new public position is the culmination of several months of work by the PAC and has been reviewed by the Public Positions Committee under Mike Hale. It is undergoing some last-minute tweaking before going through the final approval process.

One interesting aspect of the work on this position is the plan to distribute it to all finance ministers, deputy finance ministers, ministers responsible for pensions, particular members of the media, and government officials responsible for pensions, a month before the finance ministers meet in June to discuss the expansion of public pension plans. The document was written to deliver actuaries’ ideas on this subject which will inform the ministers’ discussions before and at their meeting.

Oral History Book

The book Our history. Our achievements, the oral history of the CIA, has been printed and members who have ordered their copy can expect to receive it in the next few weeks. For those members who have not yet taken advantage of this unique offer, you can still order your free copy on the CIA website. Just sign in to the members’ site and click on the Our History. Our achievements. postcard to go to the order form.

That’s all for the moment. Watch the CIA website for the mid-May video. We’ll have more interesting news for you in a month!

Rob Stapleford, FCIA, is the President of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires