Year-End Round-Up

Each year is full of activity for the CIA, advancing actuarial science and its application for the well-being of society through education, member support, accreditation, and contributions to public policy issues. Of course, 2015 was even busier than usual, as the Institute celebrated its 50th anniversary.

50th Anniversary

March 18, 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the act of federal Parliament that incorporated the CIA. To mark this milestone, and the organization’s 50th year, the Institute was involved in a number of commemorative activities, including the following:


The Institute conducted a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs analysis survey to better serve members’ continuing education needs. One of the results of the survey was a request from the membership for more free CPD. Starting in January, the CIA will periodically feature free archived webcasts for members.

We completed the CIA’s first education syllabus, and conducted the first major review of the University Accreditation Program (UAP). The UAP review involved a review of all 11 accredited universities, surveys of members, students, and academics, and an in-depth analysis of student data.

We updated our mutual recognition agreement (MRA) with Australia, and entered into a new MRA with South Africa. We also renewed our memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Actuarial Students’ National Association (ASNA). Lastly, we launched a graduate scholarship program.

This year’s programming also included regular activities such as the Pension, Investment, Actuarial Evidence, and Appointed Actuary seminars, and numerous webcasts. Members can expect more excellent programming in 2016.

Submissions and Public Positions

During 2015, the CIA produced over 20 submissions to governments and organizations from across Canada, on diverse topics including the following:

The Institute also published a number of public positions on the following issues:


At the start of the year, we took several months to rebuild our membership database from past yearbooks so that we could produce the member wall at the annual meeting. We now have a database of everyone who has ever been enrolled in the CIA (7,329 members as of June 2015).

With over 5,000 members, the CIA is a strong voice for the actuarial profession in Canada. We continue to strive to reach our members effectively, and to respond to their requests. In December, the New Members Committee sent out a survey to recent Associates and Fellows to determine the needs of new members in the Institute with respect to volunteering, CPD, and the overall value that the Institute provides. We will use the results to help us increase that value in 2016.

Impression Audit

In 2015, the CIA commissioned an impression audit as part of the Institute’s long-term strategic goals and the Board commitment to public engagement.

The impression audit performed by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (GQR), a research and polling firm, was based on 34 in-depth interviews of a cross section of CIA stakeholders who were asked about the major risks facing Canada, their attitudes towards actuaries and the CIA, and the routes open to the CIA for engaging in public affairs. Some of the challenges identified for the CIA include the following:

The CIA plans to offer a webcast to members on the results of the impression audit early in 2016, as the final report will help inform future strategic direction of public policy engagement.

Of course, none of this work would be possible without the volunteer work of CIA members. We thank them for their exceptional work during 2015 and their continuing support in 2016.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires