Undiscovered Gems on the CIA Website

By Les Dandridge

The CIA Communications Committee is conducting a survey of the Member Listening Group regarding the CIA website. While working with the committee on this project, it struck me that members would benefit from a quick tour of the website, where you can find interesting tools for actuaries and information for the general public.

Home Page, Public Site


Postcards: The first item visitors see on the site are graphic postcards which will lead you to current research papers, publications of note, and video updates from the CIA leadership. A single click takes you to the material.

Quick Links: Among the interesting selections here are two special destinations—Most Viewed Publications and Most Recent Publications. The Report on Canadian Economic Statistics 1924–2102: Final Release: Tables has been viewed over 1,800 times since it was posted in 2013. On the Most Recent Publications page, a number of edited transcripts from the Annual Meeting have been posted, along with the semi-annual Discipline Report.


News Service: The bottom of the home page has a News Service link. The Institute subscribes to a news aggregation service which scans 50+ Canadian media outlets and news providers for over 100 English and French search terms. Each morning, CIA staff look through the 200–400 headlines generated, and choose ones that might be of interest to CIA members. For example, with the search term "retirement", the service captures stories on retirement planning, pension legislation, retirement programs being reviewed, and the retirement of baseball players and other sports professionals. We drop out the sports references and corporate financial reports, but leave retirement stories relating to actuarial practice.


Links: At the top right of the page, there is an area for links. If you need to connect with a North American actuarial association, its website link is on this page. Looking for actuarial associations in France, Hong Kong, Spain, or Australia? This page has links to them. Other submenus include links to actuarial clubs in Canada, actuarial employers, information sources, and publications.

Search tool: At the very top of each page is a simple search tool. By simple, I mean that it looks at documents that are available to the public and not part of the publications database. (There is a separate search engine for publications on the members’ site.) For example, you may be interested in a presentation made by a member at the Pension Seminar a few years ago. By entering the member’s name in the search tool, you may be able to narrow your search to a specific year, or even find a link to exactly the presentation you are looking for.


Actuarial Jobs Bank: Many firms take advantage of this information page on the website to share details of actuarial positions they are recruiting for. As of the date this article is being written, there are positions in Montréal, Calgary, London, Québec City, Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa, and Moncton.


Home page navigation: From anywhere on the CIA website, public or members’ site, you can get back to the public site home page by clicking on the CIA logo at the top left of all screens.

Home Page, Members’ Site


Extra menus: Once logged in, you will see a group of five new menus in the pale blue bar that contains all of the web items that only members can access. These items include all of the committee web pages and committee members, your own member profile (where you can make changes to your membership information, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) information, and e-mail addresses for list subscriptions), a lookup directory of all members, and the elections area.


Quick Links: Providing shortcuts to important web pages is the focus of the Members’ Quick Links. Fast access to your CPD information, Standards of Practice, and guidance material are the highlights.


External Resources: This button, in the lower right of the member home page, leads to a series of powerful tools and resources for actuaries.

These are just a few of the resources and shortcuts that are part of the CIA website. The more you use the site, the more you will understand the depth and robustness of this professional resource.

As always, if you have suggestions about making the site better, please send them to les.dandridge@cia-ica.ca.

Les Dandridge is CIA director, communications and public affairs.  

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires