Top Tips for Success


By Jacques Tremblay, FCIA
CIA Immediate Past President

These tips have served me well over the years. I hope they will help you as well. Good luck!

  1. Be passionate. A passionate commitment to your career and personal objectives makes all the difference. Stay focused on being the best at what you do.

  2. Be tenacious. Never give up. You will be amazed at what you can achieve by tenaciously sticking to it.

  3. Listen, listen, and listen. Remember to listen more and talk less. You’ll be surprised at the obstacles a listening culture can overcome.

  4. Communicate, collaborate, and communicate some more. Open work environments that invite intermingling and the sharing of ideas are the best.

  5. Have fun, and make sure that your colleagues are enjoying themselves too. Fun is one of the most important components of any successful career or business. If your colleagues are engaged and having fun they will enjoy their work more and do a better job.

  6. The formula for business excellence is (talent + culture + customer focus) x disciplined execution = business excellence.

  7. The quality of the people that you can get, grow, and keep on your team will determine the success of your business. With top talent that is loyal, engaged, and excited about working for your company, you have a huge market advantage.

  8. Hire people who look for the best in others, who lavish more praise than they dole out criticism, and who genuinely love what they do.

  9. Delegate. The art of delegation is one of the key skills you must master. Hire to your weaknesses. Bring on people who can do the tasks you aren’t particularly good at.

  10. Culture equals success. You need to create a culture with high levels of both personal and mutual accountability.

  11. As a business, you have to create, strategize, and implement better than anyone you compete against in the marketplace. As an individual, this also means that you have to continuously improve every single day. Worry constantly about being better than you were yesterday and about absolutely delighting your customers.

  12. Flawless, disciplined execution. If you want to build a successful career and business, you must deliver flawlessly, every single time for every single customer.

Jacques Tremblay, FCIA, is the CIA’s Immediate Past President.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires