Board and Council Updates

Member Services Council

The following people have been appointed to the (sub)committees and other groups named below:

The Pension Experience Subcommittee and the Group Annuitant Mortality Experience Subcommittee have been merged into a new subcommittee named the Pension and Group Annuity Experience Subcommittee, effective April 22, 2015.

That the following mandates for the Research Committee and its subcommittees have been approved as presented, effective immediately:

The Research Committee (ResCo) has the following subcommittees in order to carry out its mandate of conducting research in areas that are likely to be helpful in developing Institute recommendations in matters of public policy.

In general, each subcommittee has a common mandate of managing the execution of projects. This includes, but is not limited to:

The following people have resigned from the groups named below, and leave with thanks:

Geoffrey Melbourne has completed his term as chair of the Editorial Panel, effective July 1, 2015, and leaves with thanks.

Edward Gibson is now the Actuarial Standards Board liaison to the Research Committee, effective May 22, 2015.

The Op-Ed Team has been disbanded with thanks, effective immediately.

The Member Services Council’s mandate has been expanded as follows:

a) To develop and monitor public and government initiatives to ensure that the Institute becomes widely recognized by the Canadian public as the leading contributor to dialogue, analysis, and solutions in all areas related to the understanding and quantification of future financial contingences and risks;

b) To develop and monitor programs that promote the actuarial profession through consistent branding, marketing, and communication projects;

c) To create, deliver, and maintain appropriate services for members, students, and the public;

d) To develop and monitor processes for initiation, development, approval, translation, and distribution of CIA research and joint research projects; and

e) To develop, monitor, and maintain an appropriate volunteer management system.

A Task Force on Predictive Modelling has been created with the following membership: Jean-Yves Rioux (Chair), Frédérick Guillot, Marc-André Belzil, and Claire Bilodeau. Its mandate is to:

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires