CIA Graduate Scholarship Program: First Beneficiary Named

By Mathieu Boudreault, ACIA, and Sheldon Lin, ACIA

As part of its long-term strategic plan to enhance its ties with the academic community, last year the CIA launched its Graduate Scholarship Program to promote research and/or graduate-level coursework in actuarial science and accelerate the transfer of new technology and original knowledge to the industry.

To be eligible, students must demonstrate a background in actuarial science and willingness to continue a career as an actuary and enter an eligible master’s program in Canada in the next academic year. The amount of each scholarship is $10,000 and the number available will gradually increase from one in the 2015–2016 academic year to three in 2017–2018 and thereafter.

For the first year of the program, applications from nine Canadian universities were received. A selection committee consisting of three actuarial professors (all CIA members) and one member from the Institute’s Board was appointed in February by the Academic Relations Committee. The committee and the Eligibility and Education Council have now decided to award the first scholarship to Guillaume Boglioni-Beaulieu of the University of Montréal.

M. Boglioni-Beaulieu earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics in 2014, with an actuarial co-op major. During his undergraduate studies, he was a straight A+ student, received five merit scholarships, and completed three actuarial internships. He has also completed the five preliminary actuarial courses. In January he entered Montréal’s master’s program in statistics with a thesis option. His thesis focuses on dependence modelling with actuarial applications, such as insurance lines of business. He also works with actuarial professors on consulting mandates.

M. Boglioni-Beaulieu was invited to attend the New Fellows and Volunteer Awards luncheon at the Annual Meeting in Ottawa on June 18 to receive his cheque from CIA President Jacques Tremblay.

The CIA congratulates him and looks forward to the program’s development.

Mathieu Boudreault, ACIA, and Sheldon Lin, ACIA, are the current and former chair, respectively, of the Academic Relations Committee. Acknowledgements: thank you to Alicia Rollo and Claudia Gagné.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires