In Memoriam: Geoff Guy

Geoff Guy, who died last month at the age of 68 surrounded by his family, graduated from the University of London and pursued his actuarial studies while working at Prudential Assurance in London, England.

Once he qualified as an actuary in 1973, he transferred to the company’s Canadian operation and became assistant group actuary in Montréal. In 1983 he rose to the position of senior vice-president and actuary for Canada. Four years later, he moved to Manulife, where he went on to hold numerous senior roles, including chief actuary and chief financial officer for the Canadian division, before retiring from the company in 2006.

His volunteer service with the CIA was extensive, and was recognized with the Gold award. Besides volunteering as Secretary-Treasurer, he also held positions on committees and task forces involved in due process, corporate governance, insurance accounting, finance, dividend principles and practices, public policy, compliance, strategic investments, and the role of the Appointed/Valuation Actuary, among others.

Outside the Institute, Mr. Guy was a member of various boards, including the University of Waterloo, Junior Achievement of Toronto and York Region, and the Elora Festival.

He was also the first person to be appointed chair of the Actuarial Standards Board (ASB), a position currently filled by Jim Christie, who said: "I’ve followed in Geoff’s footsteps twice, first as Secretary-Treasurer and second as ASB chair. In both cases Geoff’s hard work and innovation made my job significantly easier. In particular, Geoff established a solid foundation of processes and procedures that allowed all three subsequent chairs to be able to build the ASB into its current form. Without Geoff’s efforts we would never have been able to make the ASB function."

Charles McLeod was President of the CIA when Mr. Guy served as Secretary-Treasurer. He said: "I succeeded Geoff as the second chair of the ASB. Geoff made my work much easier than it might have been, because I inherited from him an excellent group of members on the ASB, an equally great set of members on the Actuarial Standards Oversight Council, and a very well drafted set of procedures for due process.

"Geoff made a great contribution to the work of the CIA and the ASB. He will be missed."

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires